Yellow to Rainbow: An Evolution

"A Woman Named Yellow" (2019) vs. "A Woman Named Rainbow" (2020)

My original poems and corresponding artworks are a great demonstration of my evolution as an artist.

"Yellow vs. Rainbow" by Courtney Lee Designs

"A woman named Yellow.

Yellow is wild yet neat, bright but mellow. She is a journey that provides no navigation. Yellow — she is fierce and not so easily liked, but at least she is raw and honest.

Yellow is free. Sure, she can be prey to the darkness sometimes, but hey, who couldn’t be susceptible to such a constant companion?

Yellow herself is an aura with which she can cloak her closest friends with warmth. A woman named Yellow… but still just a vulnerable girl within.

Yellow is muted and gentle, but still a part of the rainbow, right? Take a look in the sky after a rainstorm, And she’ll still be there behind the scenes.

She will wear a smile even when she doesn’t feel like smiling. Though if someone sees past her selfless radiance, They could breathe life back into her struggling flame.

Yellow is hope that tastes like the succulent bite of your most favorite dessert. She is the sweet taste that lingers on your tongue like honey, sticking to you with her words and her touch.

Yellow can also read minds — did you know that? She takes the phrase “eyes are the window into the soul” and she has mastered it like a magic spell, recited in her mind over and over again.

Yellow will enchant you and devour you, but not the same as Red's aggressive or frightening ways. No — Yellow makes you welcome her. You have never succumbed to this sort of addiction before.

Yellow is unknown, yet you allow yourself the curiosity and vulnerability, opening up your deepest recesses to her. She protects you and she accept you, equalizing your imbalances.

One enlightening instant makes you realize that Yellow is the woman you never want to lose. Yellow is the woman that teaches you what it means to truly be in love."

-Courtney Lee Designs- January 2019

"A Woman Named Yellow" by Courtney Lee Designs

"A woman named Rainbow.

Rainbow is vibrant yet subtle. She is a myth grown from authenticity. Rainbow — she strikes awe into all she meets. She is universal. She is welcoming.

Rainbow is liberated. She will be invisible in the night, but she is still receptive of the rain, for it is her collaborative muse.

Rainbow is captivating, without ever succumbing. A woman named Rainbow… an underestimated girl of unmatched resilience.

Rainbow is identifiable at a glance, the existence of every color in unity. Her home in the sky and clouds, is confirmation of her presence, even unseen.

Rainbow is an epiphany yet to be recognized, and a traveling road still unmarked. She is an everlasting kiss, silently confiding her vulnerable truths.

She will paint you a palette, observing beauty in the undiscovered. Her resplendence — noble, even as her inspiration sometimes struggles.

Rainbow is a wizard of the arts. She scribes her spells — improvised. Willpower leads her to magic, foreshadowed, as she conjures her visions into a new life.

Rainbow is wise, with the curiosity that allows her to learn. She keeps the world in balance. Absorbing the darkness is exhausting, and she admits her loneliness.

Rainbow has an incredible memory, and illustrates herself into yours. Rainbow wishes to share and cherish her time, her signature tattooed on your skin.

You will be overcome with admiration, and the desire to protect her, selflessly. Rainbow is a woman to be treasured — the euphoria and chaos of love."

-Courtney Lee Designs- May 2020

"A Woman Named Rainbow" by Courtney Lee Designs

Experiencing life as a human has its damning challenges, and its incredible rewards. Recognizing these many emotions, while implementing the impacts into my art is a fulfilling experience. It isn't something that I can easily form into words, because it is felt so deeply in my intrinsic existence. Pieces of my heart and soul are devoted to every poem I write, and every work of art that I create.

If you have read all the way through to the end of this post, I appreciate your support and willingness to observe my growth over the past year (and longer). I hope you continue to join me in my journey, full of new discoveries and freedom.

- Courtney Lee Designs -


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