Van Gogh’s Inspiration

"...your profession is what you’re put here on Earth to do, with such passion & such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling." -Vincent Van Gogh -

My art is not only my dream career, but most importantly, it is who I am. It is my soul being bared through brush strokes, colors, and whole compositions. It is my escape, where I have the freedom to choose whether to let in anyone else. My art allows me to feel everything and to express it without holding back.

Art is my reminder that there is a fire inside of me, and that I hold the power to CREATE anything that I please.

Find your passion, no matter what it may be. Don’t restrict yourself to what is socially accepted merely by monetary value. That is the largest injustice to yourself, devaluing what makes it so beautiful to be living this grand human experience.

Own this life. Find what brings you the most joy, and embrace it. Don’t lose it.

- Courtney Lee Designs -

"Van Gogh's Inspiration" by Courtney Lee Designs


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