Spontaneous Discoveries

Many entrepreneurs recommend finding one particular niche (style, product, service, etc.) to be the center of one's entire brand & identity. Personally, I have found after many attempts that this approach has never & will never work for me.

"Self-Portrait: Roots & Growth" by Courtney Lee Designs

As you delve into my galleries of artworks, you will notice that I showcase a large variety of projects (styles, products, design services, color palettes, subject matters, etc.). Maybe this puts me at more of an economic disadvantage with less frequent consumer attraction & retention. However, I still enjoy creating & sharing my art. It keeps my online presence lively, & gives me inspiration. It gives me the vision & necessary motivation to accept & conquer new challenges. It helps me to brainstorm new ideas. I am able to evaluate my current limitations, observe what I still wish to pursue & improve upon, & take note of where my interests & skills are lacking or stagnant. Everyday provides new opportunities to learn & experiment. Being an artist is an incredible experience.

Improvisation is where my best & most fondest works come to life. I tend to feel overwhelmed & mentally blocked while under too much pressure. It dampers my creative process to plan too much. All art styles, mediums, & processes have their purposes & may work for some. However, I prefer my art to be free-flowing & expressive.

For example:

Through a completely unexpected discovery, my intrigue for fluid art arose. Through experimentation with color mixtures, & many brushes & other tools, my liquified subjects have evolved; they have now become premium professional-quality pieces.

"Rainbow Canyons" by Courtney Lee Designs

Another instance:

One night, around midnight, I conjured the idea to illustrate one of my favorite animals - a fox. It began as a rough outline. Then, I fumbled with the idea of implementing floral elements. Eventually, I decided that a single flower would add the desired dramatic effect, coinciding with the fox without the image becoming too busy & confusing. What type of flower to illustrate? Once chosen, the difficulty of drawing a chrysanthemum was incredibly worthwhile. Tangling the stem around the fox was unplanned as well, but it made the composition feel less flat. These two seemingly-unrelated organisms now fulfilled a symbolic & symbiotic purpose where one's presence could not be justified without the other. Next, through the use of vibrant watercolors, the fox & chrysanthemum came fully to life. Now, there was obvious emphasis & texture, & the two subjects visually complemented each other. Hence, by fostering this impromptu concept at its most basic beginning stage, my proud piece named "Curiosity Blooming" was drawn into existence.

"Curiosity Blooming" by Courtney Lee Designs

Though I may try to sell my artwork - since it is my financial means to continue to create & share my projects, as well as to sustain my livelihood - I have mostly released myself from the stress, due to the emotional & educational rewards that result from my art, nonetheless.

The ability to monetize on art should only be an afterthought to gifting oneself with the flexibility to create just for the sake of creating. From a business perspective, this has been taught to be the absolute opposite of what you should think. However, if you were to deny yourself the right to the knowledge & joy that is sought from having artistic freedom, you continue to trap yourself by pricing your own humanity - the expression of your ideas, views, & emotions. You discover more about yourself within the most priceless & unintentional creations. The element of surprise has its benefits. Overanalyzing & strategizing projects to death will have its negative consequences by hindering possible artistic developments. Structure is helpful. Restrictions are unnecessary.

Limitless potential for greatness originates from spontaneity. An artist's signature will still exist & thrive regardless of money, or the successes & failures of investigating new, unfamiliar, & diverse ideas. Art is an individual's journey that is well worth its irrevocable value.

- Courtney Lee Designs -

"Melted Palette Logos" by Courtney Lee Designs


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