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Updated: Mar 25

Greetings, everyone!

This post is a little different than my typical posts of art prompts, but I am in the progress of improving my abilities to communicate through my blog, just as I regularly do on my social media. I've gone into some details through my multiple online platforms about my journey as an artist. I am always reaching out to my viewers & supporters. I share my proudest accomplishments, my creative process, & my biggest challenges.

My artwork & who I am as a whole human being are intertwined. There is no possibility of compartmentalizing or separating the two. My internal inspirations, my struggles, and all of my heart are poured into every piece of art. Every goal that I set for myself is a conscious decision - regardless if it just involves practice doodles, writing down quick notes, sitting in front of my laptop & tablet for immeasurable amounts of time planning & executing my ideas, or creating entire art compositions that take me hours or days to complete.

For example:

- Sketches that are inspired by the songs I am listening to or sights that I am seeing at the moment

- Concept designs, project ideas, or notes thought of while at my full-time job

- Dreaming every night about my goals to succeed as a freelancer, & thinking of ways to make that dream come true

- Illustrated compositions incorporating my favorite things, or anything else that I thoroughly enjoy

- Capturing photographs of my life, my experiences, my family history, & myself

- Editing / restoring my photos with the choice to focus on realism & structure, or complete creative freedom

- Helping other people by sharing art they may want, or collaborating on designs they may need for their own businesses

- Establishing a loving community with words of kindness & inspiration

- Utilizing any of my artistic mediums & outlets to reflect upon my childhood trauma & mental illness battles

No matter what, my art is always the center of my drive & my thoughts, in some shape or form.

When I share my artwork, I try to incorporate pieces of my story to demonstrate that there is a real person behind the screen from which you view all of my work. I don't want to completely lose sight of myself in this digital world of social media & fantasy; I don't want real-life experiences & opportunities to pass me by. I always reflect on my reasons for being an artist, & my purpose for reaching out to people who I may or may not know personally.

As I mentioned briefly above, I enjoy sharing my creative process with all of you. It all involves the showcase of evidence of my artistic growth, & the obstacles surrounding the maintenance of my mental health, amongst many other factors.

I am always making additions & revisions to my many collections of artwork & photographs, which include but are not limited to spontaneous photo shoots from my Canon Rebel T5i camera & my phone.

With self-portrait photos in particular, it takes a lot of self-love to accept the unedited version of myself. It is a project that - like it is its own separate being - almost expects an insurmountable amount of courage & confidence. This is because I already know that my ultimate goal is to share this process with my followers. I feel the fear consume my body as I bare these vulnerable insecurities of mine, from start to finish - from the unfiltered to the polished end results.

I love seeing all of the improvements regarding my abilities to capture subjects & emotions in my images. I enjoy the personal recognition & discovery of the vast development of my editing techniques. I humbly view my completed projects with an unfamiliar pride, even when doubt or self-consciousness creeps its way in.

I live for the exhilarating freedom to place my pencil (stylus) to paper (screen) & simply feel what I want to convey in my artwork. I have a stronger heart to confront the pain in my life, embrace all of the happiness, & to make it all known to the world at my own pace, in my own way.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey.

Thank you for being my inspiration to keep going. 🌙✨

- Courtney Lee Designs -

"Self-Portrait: February 17th, 2020" by Courtney Lee Designs

"Self-Portrait: Leap Day 2020" by Courtney Lee Designs

"Self-Portrait: March 1st, 2020" by Courtney Lee Designs


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