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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hi, everyone! My name is Courtney and welcome to my blog. This is my first true attempt to utilize this platform to its full potential. (Please bear with me, as my anxiety will most certainly cause many slip-ups along the way.)

If you are reading this right now, you most likely have already heard of my professional title, Courtney Lee Designs. It is a simple name, but it has given me the solid foundation for the past 2+ years of having an official representation of myself and my art. I only created the name along with my logo in the autumn of 2017. However, I have dabbled in the arts for much longer.

I have always loved drawing, writing, and taking photos. As a young child (and even through my adult life, still), it has been instilled in me that anything creative or artistic could only ever be a hobby. How many of you have also been told in your lifetime that if what you love isn't lucrative, that it is a waste of time?

High school opened my eyes to so many possibilities that I never even knew existed. Taking creative writing and photography classes deepened my motivation to learn, and to explore my options. I thankfully discovered and pursued the opportunity to go to college, where I obtained my Associate's degree in Graphic Design.

Until I made my decision to attend college, I had absolutely no idea about the career potential in the art industry, or of all the technical skills and discipline that is involved. That training, from the first day of class, further emboldened my dream for a career of artistic freedom.

What does "artistic freedom" mean? Everyone may interpret or define this term differently, depending on their own personal vision.

To me, artistic freedom is to unapologetically express my ideas and emotions in a productive way. It means to accept the subjective interpretations or critiques of my work with my head still held high; I promise to remind myself to recognize my own progress and effort, while absorbing any feedback in order to improve my skills. Artistic freedom is synonymous with happiness, because it is a love of mine so highly regarded that no price could ever match it –– nor would it ever even matter.

I still consider myself successful, even if I still have a long way to go in order to meet my financial goals. This accomplishment of self-love and commitment is still a daily uphill battle, because I still have many doubts and countless fears. I still have the daunting weight of student loan debt and other bills that the income from my artwork cannot even dent. However, I still wake up every morning with that excitement, and that focus that drives me forward. While at my full-time job, I anticipate my lunch break as well as my arrival back home; I anxiously await the moment I can begin planning and creating again. While I unwind at the end of the day, until I am finally able to sleep, I am already brainstorming ideas for the next day. Due to these consistently active thoughts about my life as an artist including the amount of work, time, and heart that I have invested into it, I have constant validation that this is my lifelong dream, regardless of circumstance.

Courtney Lee Designs is the product of an inveterate vision slowly developing into fruition. It is full of my experiences, interpretations, emotions, and ambitions. It is the perfect representation of my growth as a human being, and as an artist, through all that is polished and all that is flawed. Courtney Lee Designs symbolizes holding dear to my truth of myself and my craft.

Overall, Courtney Lee Designs values and prioritizes the welcoming of creative people of all skillsets, with the ability to connect and inspire one another in an encouraging, constructive, and imaginative way. Courtney Lee Designs is presented through this website, with artwork also viewable through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and more! The wide variety of online platforms is so crucial in order to accomplish my goal of total accessibility for anyone to join my art community. It is also a continuous work-in-progress to create engaging content, such as with this blog, my "Color Creation Friday" weekly art prompts, as well as new artwork. These digital avenues provide an empathetic invitation to anyone interested in expressing themselves artistically, and obtaining knowledge, feedback, and skills. It is of utmost importance to establish a positive environment that promotes innovation, honesty, growth, and most importantly, kindness.

Through many trials and errors still, I will continue to evolve into the artisan I wish to become, while sharing enjoyable content with all of you. You will observe my endless attempts to improve my designs, my online presence, and narrative abilities through writing. Maybe all the answers still have yet to reveal themselves, but Courtney Lee Designs will continue to endure this pursuit of happiness. This journey within the art industry, and through the forging of a lovable community, will be built on a foundation of authenticity.

If you have read this blog post all the way through the end, I truly thank you with all of my heart for your curiosity and attentiveness. Through one way or another, I hope to have been able to inform or inspire you in some way. I welcome you into this community with open arms.

"Artists are so magical, we can create and hold rainbows in the palms of our hands." (Courtney Lee Designs –– August 30th, 2019)

-Courtney Lee Hill-

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