Color Creation Friday: Prompt #40

Updated: Mar 25

Another Color Creation Friday has come!

This time of year, a lot of people are feeling sluggish, waiting for winter to officially be over. If nothing else, the crazy fluctuations in weather always seem to catch people off-guard.

To bring some positivity, let's create some art of our favorite season, and really think about why it is our favorite!

My favorite season is autumn. It gives me the most mental peace and creative inspiration, with its scenery and cautious balance in the weather. I adore the smells, the colors, the comfortable temperatures, and the occasional rainstorms. I love the comforts of staying cozy indoors, while still feeling eager to be outside and fully experience the beautiful changes in the environment. I love observing deer, birds, and other wildlife navigating the woods. I love the sunshine through the trees, and the crunching of leaves on the ground. I've discovered that there's a photogenic and artistic sort of quality to wilting plants. I love immersing myself in the solemn and calm nature of cemeteries and other historic locations at this time of year. Overall, autumn brings a certain sort of charm, and gives a comforting blanket of calmness between the harsh heat of summer, and merciless cold of the winter.

There are so many things to appreciate and cherish about every season. There is beauty and serenity in everything around you. Explore and learn about those qualities that nature blesses us with every single day. Think about how those things can give you peace, and maybe even inspire you.

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"Fall For Nature" by Courtney Lee Designs


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