Color Creation Friday: Prompt #39

Updated: Mar 25

It's Color Creation Friday!

Let's discuss & create art about our dream jobs this week.

My dream job is to be a fulltime freelance artist.

Art, for me, is like the moon - my light through the darkness. Without it, I could not see or think clearly. Without it, I would sleep at night without dreaming. I could not imagine going through a day without imagining and planning new projects. I could not fathom going through life without having the chance to artistically recreate all of the emotions that I feel so deeply. Art allows me to learn more about this industry, and to learn more about myself.

Why would I not want to work for a job that pushes my limits and challenges my knowledge? How could I not long for something that I live and breathe for - something that makes me feel right at home? Why wouldn't I strive for a career that would make me so incredibly, and unconditionally happy?

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"Recreate The Moon" by Courtney Lee Designs


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