Color Creation Friday: Prompt #30

What a splendid Color Creation Friday!

I have an important question to ask you all today for this week's prompt. What is your most favorite memory?

This artwork that I created of my favorite memory, is that of the night that my husband and I ALMOST had our first kiss. It didn't happen still, yet, not for a few days after this captured moment. What makes this point in time so special and memorable is that rush of anticipation, the butterflies, and the feeling of absolute solitude - just the two of us standing still together. The world fell silent around us. Nothing else mattered. It was exhilarating, magical, and intimate, just to simply be in his arms and looking into his eyes.

I sketched this while purposefully using the same amateur techniques that I used while still in school, to better recreate the nostalgia of the years ago that this event took place.

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"High School Butterflies" by Courtney Lee Designs


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