Color Creation Friday: Prompt #12

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

It's Color Creation Friday again, and we're dedicating this week's prompt to the back-to-school time of year!

Find inspiration in something school-related, and see what creative art you can come up with!

My artwork is a sketch of my school-issued identification. I've been happily employed as a teacher aide now for almost a year from the school I graduated from. It's been an incredible honor to work alongside the faculty that used to be my instructors, and to help our current students with their education and success.

The students I have worked with have been such an inspiration to me, and have had a profound impact on me. I truly love this job even on the draining, anxiety-ridden days. It's all so worth it to help these children learn and grow.

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Teacher Aide by Courtney Lee Designs


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