Artist Support

Updated: Jan 20

Without art (of all forms), our existence wouldn’t have heart or soul. We wouldn’t have creativity, individuality, or color. 

It’s incredibly important to support artists, and all that they do to bring more beauty and awareness to a world that can never plainly be lived through a lens of only black-and-white. Artists live with a passion and dedication unlike anything else. We want to do more than just survive - we want to truly live out everything that is wonderful about this human experience. 

I know this, because my art is my fuel every single day. 

So please, truly appreciate the time, and the love that goes into every piece of art. Support artists by buying their work, donating, and sharing words of good faith for these artists to others. 

All of these things help to keep our craft, our businesses (livelihoods), and our hopes alive.

- Courtney Lee Designs -

"Color-Soaked Logo" by Courtney Lee Designs

- Courtney Lee Designs -


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