A Tribute to A Legend

It would not be right to let this day pass without recognizing my lifelong idol and artistic inspiration.

It was always my dream to meet Michael Jackson, and it will unfortunately never happen.

He lives on everyday, remembered all over the world for his art, his heart, and his echoing voice speaking out against all of the injustices in this world. His creative and humanitarian impacts throughout his life - and even his death - have triumphed, reaching far beyond societal boundaries where others may otherwise be left limited or unheard.

I listen to his music everyday. Especially as I draw in solitude at my desk, or late at night when I can’t sleep, his masterful music comforts and inspires. He was a lyrical genius, evoking so many raw emotions even as his songs play on repeat for the millionth time. Every new listening session is a new experience; it provides new opportunities to create new, beautiful work.

Dedicating your heart and time to being an artist of any type is all in effort to be true to one’s own identity, and in our own way, it is our chance to heal the world.

Happy 62nd birthday, Michael Jackson.

- Courtney Lee Designs -

"Michael Jackson: Tribute" by Courtney Lee Designs


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