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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Greetings, everyone!

Today's blog post will be about my design experience, which demonstrates my professional history, and some of my artwork from over the past nine years. This will all be listed in chronological order from the earliest to the most recent documentations of my creative background.

Overall, my artistic skills include (though are not limited to) the following:

- Adobe CC and Procreate

- Mac OS and iOS

- Brand identity design

-Logo design

- Stationery design

- Page layout designs

- Mockup design

- Website and portfolio concept designs

- Photography, photo editing, and photo restorations

- Image manipulation

- Vector and raster art

- Illustrations

- Social media management and marketing

- Microsoft Office

- Customer service

- Communications

- Bookkeeping, scheduling, and budgeting

- Freelance / Remote


I have always adored the arts in ways that words cannot justify, and have always enjoyed being the person behind the viewfinder of a camera, capturing the happenings and people of my everyday life.



I was a freshman in high school, beginning to learn about the history and use of film photography outside of the use of disposable cameras. In particular, the techniques of film development in the dark room proved to be a huge challenge for me. However, I utilize this knowledge later as I continue to experiment more creatively.


In January, the start of the second semester of my sophomore year, the opportunity finally arises to take the course in digital photography. I began to feel more attuned to how to bring my ideas to life with the use of a camera and computer. I consistently used the class-provided Canon Rebel Cameras, and used the art lab of Mac desktops. This was also my first exposure to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I was more capable of implementing the skills I learned with film, by incorporating and revising important elements that complete entire compositions. It didn't take long for me to recognize the ability to adjust camera settings, and taking a seemingly-endless number of photographs if I so wished; I could take advantage of the dissipated concern of wasting film, as well as of the new lack of fear regarding the unknowns of the results of these new experimental photos. My creativity had lost its restraints, allowing it to come alive.


Halfway through my junior year of high school, I initiated an independent study involving an art class for the students with severe physical and intellectual needs. The class was immensely therapeutic for the students with projects comprised of watercolor paintings, ceramics, and more.

In September 2013, as my senior year commenced, I also began my attendance at college. I was permitted one tuition-free core course per semester. Therefore, through August of 2014 over the timespan of three whole semesters, I completed my required Psychology, Sociology, and Math courses.


I graduated high school in June. My full-time enrollment in college officially began in September; this is when my first graphic design course was introduced. One of the most important practices that was instilled in me throughout my college journey, was learning the ability to present our creative process and final products while accepting constructive critique. It has since helped to relieve some of my anxiety about public speaking. It has provided the benefit of allowing myself to embrace criticism in order to improve. These lessons have made me the most eager and unafraid that I have ever been, about asking curious and necessary questions. It has drastically improved both my personal and professional life.

June of 2014 also granted me the opportunity to work alongside one of my greatest mentors for his photography business, assisting remotely with editing his professional wedding photographs. I have continued to work with him periodically as-needed per his business needs, through the present-day.

In October, one of my first catapults into the freelance world occurred. I was able to purchase my first MacBook, as well as my first Canon Rebel T5i camera with essential accessories for an effective independent workflow. Now, the realms of photography and digital art were no longer confined to within the walls of an educational setting. My motivation to be artistic, especially on my own terms, was now at an all-time high.


From January through March, I completed ninety unpaid internship hours, working for a local business. I assisted with making visual displays for store merchandise in Adobe Photoshop.

June 2016 was the month of the most exhilarating day of my life. Crossing that stage with an AAS in Graphic Design is still one of the proudest moments of my professional journey.


March of 2017, I officially published my Facebook business page. This page originally began as a portfolio; in hindsight, it had become a platform to share random, less-than-adequate art projects. This page has been through countless revamps and revisions since then, to effectively be able to show presentable work, and to professionally interact with an engaged online audience.

Approximately around the late summer of 2017, I crafted the official design for the title, logo, and business card of my brand Courtney Lee Designs.


May marked the time of the most major accomplishment in my development of Courtney Lee Designs –– I launched and publicly announced my official website, courtneyleedesigns.com . After years of social media posts and tediously continuing to update my Behance portfolio, I now had a way to solidify my name, brand, and greatest artwork on a website of my very own. I am able to renovate and design the layouts and content as I wish, describe my available design services, link to social media, and provide this community for my supporters. It is my treasure, to see Courtney Lee Designs as an evolving, viable being to which that I have unconditionally dedicated my time and my heart.


I am proud of the woman that I have grown to become. In hindsight, I am able to observe all of my progress and hard work. I value my life as an artist so much more due to the fact that everyday is a new adventure of learning, and expressing myself with new and creative ideas.

Thank you all for tagging along this trip down my own personal memory lane. Thank you also for continuing on this road alongside me toward a beautifully colorful future.


-Courtney Lee Hill-

Courtney Lee Designs


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