This section of my website is to showcase the best of my artwork from over the years. This incredible journey always has & always will provide insight into my own soul & my creativity. I hope to give others a sense of artistic inspiration & ambition.



My world as a creative individual has been full of growth. Through many changes & developments in my skills over the years, I have conceptualized many works that I am incredibly fond of. I love the diversity in my artistic styles, & use of color. I have discovered genuine freedom in this emotional realm of art & design.



Logo, Business Card, Stationery, Social Media, & Album Artwork Designs

This is a small collection of brand identity design concepts that I have created since 2014. Every brand showcased here was designed from concept to completion by myself, logos included. The only two exceptions are for Pure Romance & KW Real Estate, whose official brands are already pre-established.



Photo restorations are a wonderful way of reviving old memories & evoking raw emotions. A great majority of my restorations are of my own family, while others are from unclaimed photographs I have found in a local antique shop, or from hired jobs. I thoroughly enjoy this area of the design industry, as it provides intrigue & sometimes great challenges. Overall, the learning process & the end result of such projects makes all the hard work so worth it.



I have been a freelance photographer ever since I was still in high school. Over the years, I have had the privilege to explore so many beautiful locations, capturing countless memorable moments. I have catalogues of so many photos which include portraits, nature, architecture, & more - most are representative of my life & my hometown. They are all marks of my emotional & artistic growth that I am forever proud of, through all of their beauty & flaws.



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