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The brand of the artist that is able to capture rainbows, galaxies, & the deepest abysses of one's soul within any artistic creation.



My name is Courtney, & I am a digital artist. I delve into many diverse styles which I have discovered through my experience as a graphic designer. I love to create colorful & emotional artwork. Every piece of art is guided by stories from my own personal journey that affect my creative process. It is my hope to inspire others to embrace the individualism that makes art so beautiful. 


"...I couldn’t be happier with the end results!"

Deidre C.

"...Her work is top notch and she won’t deliver a final product until you’re completely satisfied..."

Spencer E.

"Excellent quality, and very great with adding a personal touch to any design she creates!"

Marcus H.

"...incredible work in bringing concepts that I had in my head to life! She was patient, accommodating...well worth every single cent, plus more!"

Shawn M.

“…You can see and feel the emotion and thought that she pours into her work...”

Kelly M.

“I really respect her work, and I think how she explained it to me was very professional!"

Naomy N.

“Still can’t see how someone is lucky enough to craft such a crazy awesome talent!”

Super S.


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